Wonderlites, LLC. sells a variety of innovative, attention-getting, profit-driving fun light products and illuminated fashion and pet accessories which have people and pets glowing—literally. 

Unlike “Glow Sticks” and other chemical-based products that are single use  products that only glow for a few hours, the products we sell are battery powered ensuring long life and reusability. Simply replace the batteries in the product and it is back to hours of full brightness and fun.

Electroluminescence, unlike LED technology where the illumination is provided by small light emitting diodes, allows most of the the products we sell to be produced in various sizes, shapes and designs where the entire graphic glows and can be sequenced with active designs, creating animations of the design images.  Electroluminescence:  it's bigger, brighter, and more animated fun!

Many of our customers use our products customized for their subsequent resale for fund-raising purposes.  Show your school spirit, highlight your groups and teams, etc...and electrify your fund-raising with these state-of-the-art fun-tronic products! 


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