Cat# WLBDGDLX01:  LED Message Badge Kit - Regular Retail $39.95    Aug-Sept Special $14.95
Includes manual, PC software, a computer programming serial cable, and batteries


Click to view high resolution video (4meg)

View operating manual (PDF)

LED Programmer V5.0 
(Click here for DotNetFX if not already installed on your computer - Required for LED Programmer to work)

Pick your scrolling speed from 6 settings, quickly type in your message from your PC, up to 120 characters in length, and push one button!  Voila!  You can program groups of badges in seconds by plugging into the serial cable included with your LED badge!  Messages changed in seconds not hours!   Unlike the difficult button-only programmable units with Chinese instructions - THESE are FUN, EASY TO USE, AND QUICK!

This badge uses one 3volt Lithium battery which can last for as long as 30 hours of continuous display!   Check out our rechargeable CR2032 batteries for long term use and great savings!

Note:  this product uses a magnet.  People using pacemakers or who are sensitive to magnets MUST NOT use this device.  Do not place this magnetic device near hotel/credit cards, floppies, or other items with magnetic stripes/materials which could possibly render them inoperable.

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